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Becoming a Better Researcher!

In the Tokyo Metropolitan University Department of Biological Sciences, our aim is to study and research a wide range of basic biology and life sciences fields so as to become the best possible researchers that we can.

The fields of life sciences and biology are moving forward at a tremendously fast rate. With this progress, however, come new mysteries waiting to be researched. Also, in applied sciences such as medical sciences, agriculture, and environmental sciences, the results of basic research quickly make their way into practical applications. This means that there is a huge demand for personnel with excellent research abilities.

The application of this research ability requires a wide range of knowledge, good techniques, plus the ability to think in new ways. To this end, this course and graduate program have been designed to cover a wide range of fields within biology and the life sciences. Our life sciences laboratories work with a variety of animals, plants, and microbes. The life forms that we handle cover an immensely wide range from molecules/cells up to individuals, through to ecosystems and environments, while we take on challenges related to genetics, development, the nervous system, evolution, and biodiversity. To encourage thinking, we promote voluntary research and activities, and emphasize an education that encompasses communication skills, including English and bioinformatics.

The ability to apply these research skills is not limited to people wishing to become researchers, however, but is also invaluable to persons pursuing careers requiring any specialist skills. We no longer live in an age where we can do worthwhile jobs or contribute to society by relying on existing knowledge and technology. Regardless of the field we find ourselves in, there will be a need for people capable of performing the research needed to discover new knowledge and new ways of solving problems. If you feel this way, we look forward to welcoming you.

Takashi Okamoto
Department Chair
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